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The Yellowstone Experience (master)
“The Yellowstone Experience” – 24 x 48 Oil on Panel – Available at Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale 2017

From the Artist:

“The story behind this painting lies in my recent excursions to Yellowstone National Park.  Although I’ve been a wildlife artist for over two decades, it was only recently that my attention has been drawn to subjects in the Western United States.  After having finally spent time in Yellowstone, I began to understand and appreciate the romantic vision that so many of my peers seemed to have regarding the Wyoming and Montana landscapes and animal subjects.  I never experienced anything like it in my travels, and was soon bitten by the same bug!

I had done several paintings from Yellowstone already, but really wanted something to capture the very essence of the place.  This piece, is in fact, the third version of the idea.  The first was a simple study of two bison, the second a fairly large piece (which is currently still on my “originals” page) created from the study.  And this work is an extension of that concept, with more Bison in the background and an extended horizontal format.  With all three, however, the main concept was the same.  There is something extraordinarily primal and powerful about the geysers and hot springs you find in the park.  Likewise, the American Bison has that same powerful, primal quality.  And upon seeing the two together in that extraordinary location, I knew instantly that it would be a terrific choice of subjects to express the feeling of having the true Yellowstone experience.”

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