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The Honeymooners (small)
“The Honeymooners” – 36 x 48 Oil on Panel – $14,500

From the Artist:

“I might come as a surprise to some who follow my work, but in truth, the majority of my ideas come less from the subjects, and more from the environments in which they can be found. This new painting is a perfect example…

I’d done some smaller paintings of Moose during the mating season, and was quite satisfied with the result. So I wasn’t necessarily looking to once again approach the same content, at least not this soon. But last fall, during my latest excursion to Yellowstone National Park, I came upon a quiet little pond not far from the main road. I instantly fell in love with it. The lines, colors, subtle value contrasts, and visual rhythms in the setting were all begging to be painted. And it was a perfect setting for the Moose.

So, while I had some other subjects and ideas that I wanted to pursue, the beauty of this environment was so powerful to me that I abandoned everything else for over a month in order to create this new work. It was time-consuming, and quite challenging at some stages, but immensely satisfying, as well.


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