“The Space Invaders” – 8″ x 16″ – Oil on Panel

My frequent forays into new methods of painting and new subjects has continued this winter with fervor. The first example I’d like to share with you is the the painting above, The Space Invaders. After my first piece involving building toys (posted in the previous blog), the Evan Lurie Gallery asked me to complete a second painting for an exhibition in Palm Beach, FL. Though it will be a while before we know how the paintings will eventually be received, I’ve really enjoyed the creation process and the nostalgic subject matter, and there are more paintings in this style and subject planned for the spring and summer. For anyone interested in these works, they can contact the Even Laurie Gallery for more information.

Meanwhile, with the approach of my participation in the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC, I’m continuing to experiment with a looser approach to my wildlife portraiture. I’m excited about this new combination of tight brush work in the focal areas, and looser, more energetic work around the perimeters of the paintings. My goal is to strike a balance between the textural information that I love so much with my photorealistic work, while maintaining a sense of energy within the image.

To emphasize the drama, I’m also pushing the value contrasts and allowing certain portions of the subject to blend with their surroundings. This adjustment to lighting and edges works with the more energetic brush strokes to create a sense of drama that fully-rendered, highly-detailed works just can’t achieve. I’m thinking at this point, it might also be fun to move from static portraiture of the animal subjects to action poses, or multiple subjects that are interacting with one another…time will tell on that one.

In the mean time, here are some of the recent paintings I’ve completed in preparation for my upcoming exhibition with the Southeastern Wildlife Expo…

“Efulgence” – 18″ x 24″ – Oil on Panel – $4,000

“Sequestered” – 8 x 10 – Oil on Panel – $975

“Out of The Shadows” – 18 x 24 – Oil on Panel – $4,000

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