Painting From Life

For the last several years, the onset of spring has also meant the onset of artists for a small town called Germanton, which lies just outside of Winston-Salem, NC. The Germanton Gallery once again hosted their annual spring Plein Air paint out this past April, and artists such as Luke Buck, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, Heiner Hertling, Andre Lucero, and many others, gathered to paint the peaceful landscapes, buildings, and people of the Stokes County community.

The weather proved to be some of the best we’ve ever had, and while I couldn’t resist hitting one of my favorite waterfalls for a couple days of absolute bliss (there’s no place I’d rather be than near waterfalls!), I also took some time to branch out with my subjects and compositions, and work outside of my usual comfort zone. Here are some examples of the work I produced for the week. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these originals, simply contact me at (317) 862-0966, and I’ll be glad to make arrangements with the Gallery in Germanton.

“Into the Looking Glass” (Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina) – 12 x 16 Oil – $1,200

“Winds of Change” (Crabapple Tree, North Carolina) – 10 x 18 Oil – $1,200

“Turkish Memories” (Still Life, North Carolina) – 11 x 14 Oil – $975

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